Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day...the first.

Do you see that?
Right there...do you see it?
Yup, that's right- space...light...an opening. It's the place where my Christmas tree was until about 3 this afternoon when I couldn't stand it anymore.

I don't know why. Usually I'm sad to see the Christmas tree go. I get into this melancholy state where I'm sad that all the hype that comes with the holiday season is over. Like that (snap!)...all the ads, all the excitement, all the holiday music, all the twinkly lights...done and gone.

But this year I was ready for it to go away. I've been feeling for awhile that things have to change. This is a big year for me. 10 years of marriage (holy SHIT, we made it)...I turn (gulp) forty. There. I said it. That in and of itself is a big step for me. Not calling it my 10th anniversary of turning 30 or anything clever like that. Just forty. Plain old...forty. My oldest daughter turns 10. We celebrate (counts on fingers...) EIGHT years of living in Wisconsin. Big things on the horizon.

Anyway, we had a fairly uneventful evening here for NYE. It was perfect, one of my best friends and her family was here to chill out and each of my two older girls had a friend spend the night. Simple and easy. I took the girls to Coscto before the big event for some milk (yup, totally out...I'm a responsible mom like that) and some sparkling cider for the kiddos to ring in the new year with, bitches (see how I didn't end that sentence with a preposition? ba-bam!).

By the time we got to Costco I had some very tired and hungry girls on my hands. Agnes hopped in the cart and we strolled in after being carded. The second thing on the 'Welcome to Costco, Now Please Spend Some Money' section was the sparkling cider.

"Sparkling cider!" I announced as I placed the four pack in the cart.

We continued through the store, milk (two gallons) and a case of juice boxes and we were done.

As we headed to the check-out Agnes began to panic. "Mama! We didn't get the sparkling juice!"

"Sure we did," I assured her as I pointed to the plastic-wrapped package of four green glass bottles.

"That's not sparkling!!!!!" she protested.

I thought for a moment, not...sparkling...

I just busted up laughing. Apparently the lack of glitter on the bottle was throwing her off. Without glitter this was CLEARLY not sparkling cider, duh!

Love her.

SS, who is back, and ready to start writing again and working on herself

P.S. Happy new year to you...if anyone is reading this at all, I've never been one for resolutions but this year I think I have a few, how about you?


  1. Well, well, well, it's about time you came back, pretty lady! Yes, I am still reading. No, I didn't make any new year's resolutions. I believe my last blog post was about how I wasn't making any new year's resolutions and then I proceeded to whine about why I wasn't going to. So uplifting and all that. So anyway, you have windows that extend all the way down to the floor. SO jealous! I love your house. Maybe one day I will get lost in a snow drift and wind up at your beautiful house so you can show me around? You never know. Weirder things have happened.

    So you're coming back to write again, eh? You really mean it this time, right? I have missed you.

  2. I don't make resolutions anymore. I'm pretty much failing at everything why add anything new to the list? Happy New Year!

  3. I'm ready. I need to be true to myself and part of who I am is an introvert who likes her own time to be creative- whether it's writing or sewing.

    Naked Steve- Yes, those windows are what let all the fabulous light in that is reflecting off the 20" of snow we have outside right now!!! I love them but have been notified by one of my friend's sons that this is NOT a good house for a zombie apocalypse.

    Reighnie- That's why I usually don't make them either- the idea of failing...but maybe it's time that this year I suck it up and put my big girls panties on. I am going to be 40...look, it's getting easier to say that!!! Happy new year to you too, babe!!!

  4. I dont do resolutions anymore. I just break them and fall apart. Things I am continuously working on: going to the gym and liking it, trying not to hurt people with my sarcasm, keeping my internal filter firmly in place... stuff like that! Oh and I turn 40 this year too- in less than 2 months.


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