Friday, January 11, 2013

Well that was short lived

So much for my totally awesome outlook on the new year and writing. At least I got two entries in before I flaked.

The rest of the week saw me continuing to be a very, very good girl and only have a Diet Coke on Monday at lunch. I was drinking a Diet Coke a day- like a little treat for myself in the afternoon. Surprisingly I haven't missed it as much as I thought I would. I've also been working to slim down on the gluten intake...that's hard. However between the lesser gluten intake and not drinking Diet Coke I see less bloating in my stomach...losing weight? Meh, not so much.

Stupid scale.

I started a zumba class this morning. I pretty much felt like a big idiot doing it but at least I was a smiling idiot who was having fun. I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical since the one time I saw a zumba class in session it looked a lot like something that might have been featured in a National Geographic special on African tribal rituals.

"Well then why in the hell would you have signed up for it?" you might ask me.


That is indeed a legit question. Well, here's the deal. I've been taking this great cardio sculpting class for the last two years and the results have been 'good'. Not 'great', not' poor' but 'good'. My butt has been lifted, my legs are stronger but my gut. Ugh, what used to be fabulously flat and amazingly tight before my children...not so much anymore.

Kids ruin everything that's nice.

True story.

Anyway I needed more cardio in my regiment. Running is out because I think running is dumb (note to self: locate and purchase '0.0' sticker) and swimming is too early in the morning (5:30 in like 2 full hours before the sun comes up) and last time I tried that I just took on blubber, like a whale, as so kindly noted by the Landscape Nazi.

Zumba appeared to be the only other logical option.

After my first zumba class I'm amazed to say that I really truly love it. It's less African-tribesy-dance and more adult hip-hop. My instructor is cute as a button and has moves like Rhianna or J. Lo (definitely more awesome than Jagger, sorry Mick) and I think in 50 short minutes I've developed a Girl Crush on her- don't judge.

So that was my Friday in a nutshell (of course I left out the part about how I was an AWESOME mom and went to school for lunch, stayed for recess, then came home and worked on cheer bows for the sale AND then proceeded to make a dinner of Chicken Picatta, mashed cauliflower and peas...oh yeah and THEN I went to the cheer holiday party and rocked out a front walkover and a bridge kick-over- not bad for a nearly 40 year old broad...I mean, not to brag, yeah...I can still tumble a little bit!)...

SS, who should go to bed but will probably stay up and watch some mindless show and chill out...unless Candy Crush gets in my way and then I'll play that for awhile...because I'm like seven...

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  1. I did 'bodypump' classes for over a year and saw absolutely no results. This was especially frustrating as everyone else in the class seemed to get results and I knew it wasn't because we weren't being worked hard enough. Of course, my personal trainer couldn't change anything in my appearance either, so at this point I tried telling my doctor "something is wrong with me."

    Zumba was an option I could have chosen, but I felt that a grown heterosexual man as sad looking as me probably shouldn't be in there, especially when he moves as awkwardly as I do. I got no moves.


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