Monday, March 4, 2013

Just wondering if this is out of bounds...

Someone I know (Gru) is super fired up about a conversation he had with his boss today. I'm screwing around on the internet and listening in and he's dropping the F-Bomb ever other word. Then he says, "And then my boss asks where I see myself in five years" (I left a few of the 'fucks' off of there just so you could get to the point of the sentence more efficiently)...this begs an answer for an etiquette question.

Dear Miss Manners,

Is it OK for me to bust out my laptop and search the Governor's Job Bank for Texas and just hand it to him mid-conversation or is that too brazen? The search engine would be open and already narrowed down for his field because I'm very thoughtful like that.

Keep in mind it is March 4 and we are due for like another 10 inches of snow tomorrow so that shit's kind of waring on me and I'm really only trying to help him love his work even if I DO have to sacrifice and move to Texas.

Just Trying to be Helpful in Wisconsin

SS, who *might* be ready to start thinking about that move now...even if there is a stupid sports drink tying us to this geographical area...


  1. Nope. Not out of bounds at all. In fact, I've often suggested to a certain coworker that he should get back to his office and take some time to update his resume. If for no other reason than to get him out of my space.

  2. No, it is not too brazen. Texas is awesome even if it doesn't have as much cheese as your present lovely location. Go for it!


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