Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Meet Adeline

Not as tasty as a couch or my own shit, but it will do. Nom, nom, nom...

Adeline, I am the SS's most amazing, super smart, important and bad-mouthed rabbit...I would drink margaritas if they let me but the last rabbit ruined that for me...


  1. You added a rabbit to your family?

  2. Give the poor rabbit a Margarita. Make one for yourself too.

  3. I MUST rub that smudgy black little nose!

  4. Emile- Adeline has been with us for about two and a half years...she was the replacement to the short-lived Jesse James...the rabbit that screwed up the margarita drinking for her.

    The Wiz- Fear not, she gets lots of special treats she shouldn't...like popcorn and kettle corn.

    Vapid Vixen- She would LOVES some nose pets and ear scratches...she's SUPER deprived of attention as you can imagine.


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