Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's like a onesie...but much more stylish

Are maxi dresses the most amazing invention ever? Oh yes, yes I think they are and one can simply not have enough of them...especially when one is nearing 40 and not 110 lbs. anymore. Covers a plethora of sins and there is no matching a top and bottom of an outfit. Sorts like a onesie for adults...but much more flattering.

The expanded, not FB status-length version of my thought...

Hips, thighs, middle, you name it...AND you look like you really thought about your outfit. The girls in my 'hood are always accusing me of being 'over the top' and saying that I'm always put together. To me having to match up a top and shorts is MUCH more put together- that requires thought and some sort of deciding if the shorts are swingy the top should be a bit more fitted and vice versa- shit that I can honestly not coordinate in the morning with three small children trying to vie for my attention and my husband trying to take advantage of my lack of clothing. A maxi dress requires that I've woken up and half- consciously chosen a single item from my closet that will cover all the bad things that have gone horribly wrong with three pregnancies, aging and a bad year of being obsessed with McD's Sweet Tea.

Add some nice earrings and perhaps a necklace or bracelet and you are DONE. DONE and you match (because there was NOTHING to match or think about! yay!). Not that I'm a shopping site nor am I being paid to advertise but I do strongly recommend Sam Moon (  for all your accessory needs- cheap and trendy. These are not heirloom quality pieces but they do the job to pull the outfit together for the season and their inventory turns over quickly. Good for shopping and getting new, fun stuff- not good if you find a favorite and you want to buy a back-up 'just in case' (I've been screwed that way twice now- things I pink puffy heart and want another one of in the event something happens to my beloved piece...I've gone back to get the duplicate item and ZAP! my super cute earrings or necklace is gone...dangit).

SS, who wishes that Wisconsin weather allowed for year 'round maxi dress wearing...sure a sweater and jeans covers everything but it's two pieces and not nearly as cute, feminine and darling...


  1. Say what you will, but you're still a blogging supermodel to me.

  2. And this, Naked Steve- is why I will always love you.

  3. Checking out Sam Moon now...I love advice that wasn't officially sponsored, you rock :)

  4. Ohhhh, and they have necklace-earring sets, for even more effortless matching. You're promoted to blogging supermodel/guru in my book!

  5. Kana- SUPER cheap and yes, the sets make it an even better deal. I will say I've had about a very minor breakage rate (some earrings that I loved just didn't hold up- they kept falling off the wire hoop that was supposed to hold the chandelier part to the post...but that's it out of the bunches of stuff I've purchased) but for the most part I've been very pleased with their stuff- super cheap and trendy at very reasonable prices- occasionally they will offer free shipping (create an account so they have your contact info) which is also a lovely thing!


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