Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 8: Because Farts Are Always Funny

Day 8...third day of Level 2. Blah- but motivated.

(grunt, moan, grunt, yell, moan, moan, moan, yell...thinks to self, "I haven't yelled and moaned this much ever...well, yes I did...but birthing an actual baby requires that much yelling and hollering, working out should not"...moan, yell, moan, grunt)





(snickers...sweaty back + yoga mat + certain movements= fart sounds)





(grunt, moan, yell, moan, holler, grunt, grunt, grunt, grunt)

SS, who finished sweaty, hot and worn out but made it...Day 8...DONE.

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  1. OK, THIS IS FUNNY!!! I remember doing this back in high school. We discovered that if we did crunches on the wrestling mats we would get an air pocket in between our backs and the mat and then the farts would become endless. For a high school boy that was a real high point in life.


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