Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 9: More Sweat

Day 9 at Level 2 was more of the same, more sweat, more moaning. I went to Recipe Club last night with the ladies from the 'hood. I thought since only a few of the dishes were gluten-free I was doing well. It's funny, I'm three and a half months gluten-free and I cannot remember that last time I 'felt sick' after eating. I think it's due to two things. First, I don't eat gluten which is a toughie to digest and when you eat a bunch of bread or pasta that your body isn't thrilled about, you feel shitty. Second, I don't tend to eat as much. I don't know why but my appetite has gone down since I started this nonsense.

I was stupid to get on the scale this morning. Late dinner, salty food, maybe a bacon-wrapped stuffed mushroom cap or two too many but whatever- should not have gotten on the scale. I really need to make a habit of ONLY getting on the scale on check-in days which are currently Mondays. But I"m a scale watcher, always have been. It's hard. I'm the same broad that gets on the scale before and after pooping just 'to see' how much I pooped out.

I have serious issues. I own that.

Anyway, I worked it out this morning and am back on track. 

I do want to share the story about my SIL's rockin' body (she's a personal trainer...let's put it this way, when personal trainers in her area feel unmotivated and need an ass-kicking, she's the bitch they go to see- she's HARD. CORE.) but I have to run. It's a good one though, perhaps tomorrow.

SS, who will not get on the scale until next Monday morning...or until tomorrow morning...whichever comes first...


  1. I wouldn't even worry about stepping on the scale, I saw the pictures, you're making a difference. What's that they say - muscle weighs more than fat? I hate that it's true because I want to see the scale move when I'm working my butt off but what really matters is the physical transformation. You're going great, I'm happy to be following along!

    1. Can I hire you to just sit in my house and give me postive feedback? Thanks, Julie!!!


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