Thursday, July 4, 2013

Days 3 & 4: The Funness Wears Off

As it turns out I really actually do dislike working out. I don't get that high some people do. I don't love to sweat. Honestly I'm kinda lazy (kinda?) and I'd rather take a nap than do pretty much anything else in the world. On those principles alone I should have lost 4 lbs. already- a pound for each day I've gotten dressed, turned on the DVD, picked up my weights and gotten my ass kicked.

Hasn't happened.

Anyway Day 3 was yesterday and it was a good reminder of why I don't like to work out when my kids are home. In the first circuit I had to pause Jillian and go upstairs and deal with a dispute between Agnes and (surprise, surprise!) Edith. There's nothing worse than doing something you hate, have to take a break and then GO BACK to the thing you hate. It's like double torture (and should be worth a loss of two SS's World of Cardio Economics). But I did it and I finished it and I felt pleased with myself...three days down!

This morning was Day 4. Edith was already in Time Out for the duration of my workout so I didn't have that going against me but what was slightly amusing was Agnes doing 'squat presses' and 'push ups'...I use the 'quotations' because I'm pretty sure Jillian wouldn't have approved of the form (or lack thereof) but it kept me amused for like 30 seconds. I used a different Jillian DVD today (Ripped in 30)- same 3-2-1 circuit method (3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs...repeat two times) just to break up the monotony. Since I used her Level 1 workout on this DVD many of the moves were the same but at least I felt like it was a little different. Best part of today's workout? Agnes spanking my booty while I was doing side-to-side squats...I get ass was sticking out and it's tempting, "It was RIGHT there, Mommy!!!!!" When I was done I was ICKY sweaty nasty. My sports bra had real, live sweat seeping up from the bottom. There was physical PROOF that I had worked hard. I'm not sure that I've ever seen sweat on my clothes even during Cardio Chisel (the '75 Minutes of Hell' class) so I think that has to count for something.

Bottom line...FOUR DAYS DONE!!!! I have to make an admission though. I have been 140 for a very long time. A few weeks before I started this I really cut back on intake- I wasn't starving myself but despite working hard to be healthy for the last three months NOTHING SHIFTED. So for about a week or two I really pushed and that got me to the 138 which is where I sit now. I know it's not about 'numbers'. You know what? Fuck that. It is TOTALLY about numbers for me- I'm over believing the whole 'it's not about numbers' BS. My goal is to be somewhere around 125- and while technically 125 is SOMEWHERE around 140 when we're talking about numbers in the thousands for my weight I'm not OK with it.

So far I can't 'see' any changes (because I'm super, super, super patient like that, "It's been FOUR DAYS! WHY can't I see any changes!?!?!?!??!?!!?!??!" WAH!!!!!) but I will carry on tomorrow and wear a smile...and continue to, as Agnes point out, 'swear' ("Oh my GOD!" I cried out in pain as Jillian kicked my ass) while I work out.

SS, who is please with herself but this will only be temporary until I see some fucking results...(grin!!!!)

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  1. I know EXACTLY what it feels like to work and work and not see any results. But if you can keep the workouts going, you'll start to notice that it gets easier. And that feels good, too. The hardest thing can be the working out alone. At least, for me it is. If you hit a point where you lose your motivation, and you have any free time, you might join a nearby gym (its important that it be close to home) with a workout class like bodypump or cardiopump or some name like that. It'll be a LOT like your DVDs, but there will be other people in there, some in better shape than you and some worse. Once you start going regular and getting to know the other people in there then it becomes less of a dreaded lonely workout and more of a chance to get out of the house and see people you like and work out together. I know, I know, its summer and the kids are home. I'm just saying, if you feel discouraged and aren't able to keep going with this, joining a class is a great way to make it less lonely and a little more enjoyable. It's just important that the gym be close to home. The further from where you are the gym is, the more often you'll skip. Gyms know this and often mail out special deals to people who live far enough away that they know if they join they'll likely never show up. Just some things I'm throwing out on a holiday when my brain isn't fully engaged. Sorry, I'm rambling.


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