Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heartbreaking words...

When your five year old says, "Daddy, you're smiling!"...because it happens just that infrequently...time for some major changes around the house.

SS, who is torn and every time she thinks about it the wound opens again...


  1. I don't know what's happening, but it sounds like you guys need a vacation, perhaps?

  2. Naked Steve- If I could control the ADHD I seem to have acquired in the last year I would sit down and give the long version...short version is it's time for a new jobby-job for someone I know...and that means utter chaos and upheaval until we figure out where we're going to land.

  3. I know that feeling all too well. My last employer kept me perpetually miserable and it was no accident. That was just their management 'style'. My professional style is to not continue working for people like that, so I left. But yeah, it isn't easy to just walk out on a job when you have bills and obligations. The preferred option is to find another job and step from job to job without a gap. But sometimes that isn't possible and you just have to leave anyway for your own sanity.


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