Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Not flatlined yet....

It's been a long time but things here are status quo except for the weather has gone to crap. The last two days? Highs in the single digits.


Anyway, holidays were smashing and my tree was torn down on the 29th THAT is a new record, my friends. I'm usually so sad to pull the tree down but in this case it was amazing. The room is bigger, brighter and cleaner.

My car is on the fritz so we have that too.

2014 will be the year for changes. Moves? Maybe. New car? Definitely. I need to do something. I keep thinking about getting a job but then I think about how much stress that would put on the whole family since I wouldn't be able to keep up with what I do around here on a daily basis, so as that turns out it's probably not a great idea.

It would be great if this...took off. As it turns out that age old question...you know, would you rather be rich or famous? The answer is RICH, always RICH. Just so you know. It's great that the product is out there and (some) people know about it but now to get it recognized so people buy it...that would be golden.

For now I continue to wait like a jumbo 747 circling O'Hare at rush hour...just waiting...watching for a signal...I know it's coming...just not sure what runway we're using and when we'll be waved in.

What's on everyone else's radar for the new year?

SS, who is thrilled to be celebrating the new year in a warm, cozy, happy house....not in a crowded bar...


  1. My new year is looking like it's going to be spent in this musical town. But wouldn't you know the first week I get here a company back in the black hole that is Memphis calls me up and says "we'll match that offer. Come home." And now they just keep calling. It's lonely here in this town all alone. If you guys moved here it'd sure be cool. Memphis wants to give me a security clearance and put me to work blowing people up for the government. I don't know. This is a tough decision and they want an answer right now.

  2. Sometime a crowded bar is nice too ... depending upon the company you're with.


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