Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sometimes money isn't worth it

I worked in a law firm when I was in my late 20s where there was this partner who used to spend a little too much time in my office. I'm not sure if it's because I don't sit like a lady when I'm wearing skirts or if it's because I'm irresistibly charming. My office mate would argue it's the skirt thing.

I always wondered if you were married to a really rich guy if you would be happy no matter what. When Creepy Partner spent too much time in my office I pondered that and determined that the answer was no. Under no circumstances would any amount of money make me happy if I was married to him.

Last night, did my husband, or did he not offer to substantially upgrade my diamond ring if I agreed to move to Pennsylvania? Oh, I think that did happen.

And like Creepy Partner and his money, no size of diamond ring would make this move OK. I told him for the amount of money he was going to spend on that he could just pay for nearly two years of the girls and I living in an apartment in Dallas while he 'commuted'.

SS, who is always thinking and working out the details...

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  1. I can't comment on Pennsylvania. I've never been there. It's embarrassing the places I've never been. But I understand the feeling of unhappiness that comes with living in a place you don't want to be. I've been in Memphis for far too long, thought I'd escaped, only to find myself back here again. Actually I escaped twice. But the black hole of Memphis is a reality. You can't escape it. A certain someone tells me "cheer up, just make peace with it" as if I can just say to myself "well, Memphis is a shithole of corruption and I warned everyone that Obama would turn all of America into one giant Memphis, but no one listened, so now anywhere I go will be Memphis" but that doesn't make it any easier. Nashville was nice. The people were nicer, politer, better-looking, less prone to being assholes in traffic and everything about it was just BETTER. Pennsylvania vs Wisconsin? I don't know. Pennsylvania is one of the states that is key to the electoral college so there's massive corruption and ballot-box-stuffing there and everything that goes with that. But surely it couldn't be any colder, could it? Less snow maybe? Are you a fan of college football by any chance? Of course, after Sandusky and his ass-raping the Penn State football program is a shadow of what it once was. I don't know what to say here. Can you tell? I feel your pain, that much is certain. I just haven't found a solution for myself so its hard for me to say anything helpful for you.

    Oh, one thing I can comment on is that partner who spent way too much time in your office. Remember those modeling photos you posted long ago? And then the HNT? Well, skirt or no skirt, legs apart or together, if he liked women its a sure bet he liked you. You're beautiful. And back then you were about the age when those modeling photos were taken, right? I'm guessing his heart was pounding in his cheat and other places. Face it, you were the office hottie and he had a crush. When you've got it you've got it.


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