Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day The First

So it's been a month and there is much more certainty in our lives. That's not to say that things are stable- just certain.

For certain Gru has taken a job in Dallas. For certain I will be single-mom to my girls for two and a half months. For certain we will be selling our home.

That said- there's so much unknown. Will this be a good job? Will his boss be fair and what he represented himself to be? Will everyone adjust?

Today Gru left at 2 in the morning and just as I sat down to write this he pulled into his temporary digs. I found him a really great place where the girl on the phone was more than happy to share everything about the location (free breakfast! happy hours daily! passes to the local gym!) but he chose a cheaper place. I didn't say better, I said cheaper. So far his impression has not been good. He called to tell me he arrived and no one had been at the front desk for at least 10 minutes to check him in. Hmmmm...but it's cheaper!

I found today to be much more difficult that I anticipated. I was looking forward to alone time, not being groped at constantly, having clean kitchen counters when I awoke in the morning, dinner dishes, planned and prepared...OK, maybe not the last part but definitely the clean counters. Instead I have found myself fighting back tears almost constantly and feeling very empty and sad. Not at all how I planned the first 12 hours for Bob's sake. You'd think I should have been at least able to hold it together for the first day, right? (sigh)

I just got another call from it turns the place he rented a UHaul from last week for a project unrelated to the move still has his driver's license and therefore the extended stay place is not letting him check in. Excellent start to settling into our new home. I'll bet the nice lady at the other place that I found still would have let him in...just sayin'. But this one is cheaper!

For the immediate present I will refrain from telling him, "I told you so" in my best, most supportive wife-ly tone.

But I will FOR SURE be thinking it.

SS, who at least can chuckle about it...not WITH Gru right now but it made me smile...just a little bit...(I promise Gru is not chuckling)

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