Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Really? #1

I could strangle the stupid parents who let their kids eat batteries. Pinkie Pie is speaking in tongues right now because her batteries need to be changed but for some reason the Chinese guy who made her screwed the screw in on the battery door so tightly that I cannot for the life of me get it open.

When we were kids we were smart enough to not eat batteries.

Suburbian Siren, who must put Pinkie Pie down and admit defeat or it will get real ugly around here...


  1. The Chinese do that on purpose to aggravate the mothers of America, so they'll take out their anger on the fathers of America, who will then curse the government and eventually rebel and try to overthrow it, causing chaos and revolution which the Communist Chinese hope to take advantage of. See how this works?

  2. Now I know I had a comment here the other day. Did your comment batteries die? My comment seems to have disappeared.

  3. Apparently Blogger thought you were sketchy...but only for these comments. They got caught up in moderation but all the rest of your riff-raff makes it through! ;)


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