Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just because a cat is born in an oven don't make it a bun

Gru: "But Hattie, people are comparing the Hyundai to the Mercedes."

Me: "Uhhhh, no they're not."

Gru: "You don't know much about cars."

(shakes head...)

 Me: "No one is compring Hyundai to Mercedes- it's just not happening."

Gru: "But..."

Me: "No. People don't say, 'Hmmm, which car should I get? A Hyundai or a Mercedes? Really they are both so close in quality. Oh, forget the Mercedes- I'm going with the Hyundai!'...it's just...not...happening in real life."

Gru: "But look (shows me a website...Hyundai's website with comparisons)..."

Me: "See? Hyundai is comparing itself to Mercedes and that, my friend, would be like me comparing myself to Angie Harmon. Just because I compare myself to her does not mean that we are comparable models. Nope. Ain't happenin'. "

Suburbian Siren, nope, nope, nope, nope...


  1. OK, granted, Angie Harmon is pretty smokin' hot, but you have some modeling photos, too, and both of you are pretty good looking. Hey, I'm being objective here. This is not creepy. I'm just saying, both of you are women, both of you are models, both of you are good looking. Both of you are married to guys who are grateful to be married to hot women. And probably you drive totally different cars, but even that is debatable. I'll bet if I Google "Angie Harmon Buick Enclave" it would show me pictures of her with her kids and a minivan. Hey, have you considering getting a minivan?


  2. Naked Steve: Ok, I thought I was going to have to knock you out there for a second. ;) Gru did appreciate your putting in a good word for the Dodge Challenger though. And for the record the Mercedes is not on my list for consideration (only people who shop at Nordstrom's should drive those and we all know I would break out in hives if I set foot in a Nordy's (as those who shop there a lot call it))...


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