Monday, November 11, 2013

What to wear, what to wear...snow's a flyin'!

So I have a closet full of clothes and every morning it's the same thing, "OMG! I have NOTHING to wear!" And every day I hit Pinterest to help me pull my life together, it's amazing how many stylish girls there are out there.

I say 'girls' because they are cute and little and when THEY go in for their annual OB/GYN Touchy-Feely Appointment I'm pretty sure their doctor doesn't end with, "Aaaaaand, yeah, it's probably time for you to get that first mammogram scheduled now that you're old...I mean 40...I meant to say we should schedule that because you're 40, not because you're old..."

Sheesh. Between that and the fact that there is a legitimate layer of snow on the ground today I wish I could just crawl back into bed and sleep the next few months off.

Anyway, I'm not pretending I'm young and I'm not pretending I'm a great photographer nor that I don't have wrinkles or that I didn't have to take my pictures in Edith's mirror because mine is in an area of my room that is too dark to see.

So today I remembered once that someone, maybe Trinny & Susannah, said that pink and orange were basically MFEO...Made For Each Other.

I busted out this cute orange Old Navy gingham shirt that I thrifted a few months ago and a great raspberry cardigan that I scored at a super high-end boutique here in Wisconsin. It's called Wal-Mart, ever heard of it? I'll be honest, I will shop ANYWHERE and buy things if I like them and they are of good quality. This cardigan is long and the knit is nice and thick and the price was right, about $13. Can't beat it with a stick.

I also added a turquoise necklace from my favorite accessory joint, Sam Moon. I bought this a few years back for a Halloween costume. I was a squaw and Gru was a cowboy, we figured somewhere in US history a cowboy and a cute Native American gal hooked up, right? Super PC, I know. Point is, if you're going to buy stuff for a Halloween costume, be sure you can use it again. Just a little money saving tip from me to you.

Like I said, it's snowing here today so the multiple layer thing is not just trendy and fashionable, it's downright necessary. In order to head to the dreaded Touchy Feely Appt. I had to layer up with a scarf, vest and my trusty rain boots. As it turns out I should have said, "Screw it" to the vest and put on my parka, that blowing snow was not impressed with my awesome fashion sense.
A lot of the girls in my 'hood are obsessed with Hunter boots. They HAVE to have them (just like everyone has to have a Pottery Barn couch- which is, indeed, a post for another day). I liked them but not enough to shell out $140. Alas, I did need dry feet in our wet Midwestern falls and springs. What was a fashion-savvy, yet penny-wise girl to do? I did more homework (as usual) and came up with an equally water-proof, fashionable boot that I love. The Kamik Jennifer Rain Boot- they are awesome and a fraction of the price of the Hunters. Score yours here at Amazon. Again, my photography isn't great- these are black and I have a cable knit boot sock added to them for a little something extra.

It has stopped snowing now but there is a howling wind outside. Love. It. (sort of)

Which brings me to my next point which I shall keep brief.

I am not a Dallas kind of girl as far as I'm aware; I'm more of your Austin breed. Sadly when you are job hunting and there are jobs in DFW you quickly start to find all the great things you can about your potential new city. Today I added to the list that Dallas is like pretty far north in Texas- practically like Southern Oklahoma north- which means that while it won't be as freaking cold as it is here in the winter I will still see seasons change. Maybe not as dramatically but still, the seasons will change and I do like that. I like to layer up and wear jeans. I'm looking at this as a positive and my list of positives for DFW is getting longer by the day.

No decisions have been made, interviews are still in progress and we won't know for quite some time what is going to happen but right now my heart is leaning toward north Texas. I'm pretty sure that today Dallas isn't sitting under a snowy white blanket that is insulating the cold weather around them.

SS, who will be glad when this process is over because as a planner, I need to plan and this is throwing big wrenches in my shit...


  1. OK, you make 40 look pretty stylish and cute. I'm thinking you're supposed to struggle a bit more, or at least make it appear as if you're struggling or something. I laughed at the Trinny and Susannah reference. I thought I was the only BBC America fan on the blog but apparently not.

    Dallas/Ft Worth isn't so bad. And there are jobs, jobs, jobs, unlike Memphis where there is just crime, crime, crime. Also filled with jobs? Nashville. Just sayin'.

  2. Naked Steve- I LIVE by one of their books...they turned my wardrobe from black, grey and white to all sorts of proper colors that work for me. I pink puffy heart the shit out of them. There do appear to be a good number of jobs in the DFW area, not to see if we can snag one...and I keep peeking at TN's retirement system (that's his area of expertise...pension funds n' such) and no offense but your state has a super stupid website for people considering careers with them. :/ I can't quite figure out how to tap into their career vacancies. OTOH, your other home state- Alabama, has a WICKED amazing all star cheer team that I worship. Because yeah, that's kind of important in this house. ;)


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