Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 7: Shocked.


So first of all let me say that as techo-savvy as I was back in my TKW days things have changed and now most of the junior high girls on our cheer team can show me a thing or two on their iPods and with their super cool photo and social media apps. That said, HA...this morning I figured out how to put two pictures side by side...BA-BAM!!!! Can't stop me now! (sticks chest out for Bozo button or gold star...)

Yes, I worked out this was Day 7 and I did Level 2 again. It was tough. There's no one home and I cried out in pain and pure exhaustion. I think this unnerved Adeline, the rabbit, who was busy crouching down hoping whatever was making that horrendous noise wouldn't eat her- she's a prey animal you know- she gets very nervous. I finished up and came upstairs and looked on-line at all the amazing girls who have gone before me in the process (searching Pinterest...whatever did we do before Pinterest?!?!?!) for some motivation and thought, "WOW, that Jillian is an ass-kicker alright, I can't wait for my 30 days to be up!"

Once my sweat subsided and I forgot that I really needed a shower I thought, "Huh, not that there's been much of a change but let's just compare Day 1 and Day 7 for shits n' giggles." (insert 15 minutes of really painful web-searching 'how do you put two pictures side by side' and my jacking around with Paint and Word...)

And then...whoa.

It's only been seven days. I weighed in at 136.6 this morning and that's really only about a pound loss from the beginning (138) but then I saw the pictures.

I was AMAZED. No, I don't think I'm God's gift to anything and I certainly am not going to quit but...I saw results.

I wanted to cry a little.

I'm in awe and more inspired and motivated than ever. I pink puffy heart Jillian Michaels.

SS, who is looking forward to Day 8 more than ever (huh? have I EVER looked forward to working out? Nevah. Not even a teeny-tiny little bit BUT you better bet your bippy I am now!)


  1. OMG you look great! I use my pool to workout because I just can't stand sweating but if I could get results like that in a week I might just torture myself enough to follow your lead! I'll wait until summer is over and the pool is closed though, I usually manage to get down to about 120 by Summer's end (then I go back up to 135 by Christmas).

    1. Thanks, love! I agree on the sweating thing- I HATE it but am oddly fascinated by the amount of sweat I can produce in one 20 minute session. She kicks your ass but it's over in 20 minutes- you can do anything for 20 minutes, right? ;)

  2. See? This is so not fair. I work and work and work and see no results at all (although the wife says she has noticed some) and you work out for a week and already you're back to your modeling shape. So unfair. You look great!

    It's July here in the sweaty Southern states and we have some predatory animals running my neighborhood. So I haven't exercised in about 4 days. I skipped today and I'm not ashamed.

    1. Naked Steve- OK, so funny you should mention this- I was actually going to post about this very topic tomorrow. I hear you though, Gru has the same problems...or he has different ones but he's got workout issues and lack of results...


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