Monday, July 29, 2013

On a recent Wednesday morning...

A really great thing about having a screened in porch is that mosquitoes are of no concern to you when you are having a nice cocktail in the evening hours. Even more important as to why a screened in porch is a major asset is that no birds will fly into your windows and then succumb to their broken neck injuries on your outdoor couch thus leaving their poop and dead carcass on your couch.

It should be noted that I do not, indeed, have a screened in porch.

I am less concerned by the mosquito situation because they make chemicals for that.

I am, however, more concerned with the kamikaze bird situation which appears to be an issue.

SS, who double-bagged her hand before placing said theoretical bird in a third bag...and the promptly screamed like a little girl as she scrubbed her hands raw with antibacterial soap and bleach...


  1. get an angry cat, it stops the birds and if it doesn't then free feed :)

    1. Great idea...I think that an Angry Cat would do wonders for our vole problem each spring too. My rabbit sometimes sits on our couch arm staring out the window but I don't think that scares anything away...especially the suicidal birds.

  2. Somehow I can see you doing this, complete with the scream and soap. :-)


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